Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Good Cover Letter

A good cover letter should introduce you to the company, reveal your interest in and knowledge about the position, and highlight key elements of your resume without reciting everything on your resume. It should only be a page in length and really only 3-5 paragraphs. Check for typos and good grammar. Clear communication and attention to detail are a must for any job. Below is a guide to a good cover letter:


[Name of Recipient, if any]
[Department, if any]
[Company Name]
[Company address]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Insert name] OR [Ladies and Gentlemen (if you don't have a name)]:

Paragraph 1: Who are you? What job are you applying for?

        This paragraph should include a description of where you are currently, e.g. "a recent graduate with a degree in engineering" or "a second year litigation associate" or "a junior analyst." No, you should not include your current place of employment in this paragraph. Your current job is not who you are.  This paragraph should also concisely state the position you are applying for and why you are interested in the company.

Paragraph 2: Highlight relevant work experience and your educational background.

        Pick the most recent and most relevant job you've had and describe your experience briefly and positively. Your resume will list your GPA, school activities, and past work experience so there is no need for that level of detail here. This paragraph should also briefly mention the schools you've attended, degrees you have, and any relevant training you've received.

Paragraph 3: Provide a summary of skills you have and how you plan to contribute to the company. 

        Through your work and school experience you've gained multiple hard and soft skills that would be a great contribution to the company and you should give a few examples of those skills. Refer to the job posting itself in crafting this paragraph. The job posting will likely include a few buzz words that you can incorporate in describing why you are a good fit for the position. This is also a good paragraph to highlight your knowledge about the industry itself.

Paragraph 4 (Conclusion):

       I am happy to provide any further information you may require. I can be contacted at [e-mail] or [phone number]. Thank you for your consideration.

[Sincerely or Yours truly],

[Full name]

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