Sunday, February 14, 2016

Missing the Super Bowl May Have Cost You a Promotion...

The Super Bowl is a popular American entertainment event watched by millions. Those millions probably include your colleagues, clients and your boss. Catching the Super Bowl (or at the very least knowing who is playing and who wins) is important for your corporate career. Those seemingly trivial social interactions about the big game are the stepping stones to a promotion. Often, young Black Corporates miss opportunities to engage colleagues and clients on a personal level by missing out on popular cultural events.

Here are few other popular events to put on your calendar:

Grammys, February 15
Check the blogs or gossip sites for winners.

Academy Awards, February 28
These awards are not by us nor for us. I get it. However, your co-workers will likely be in awe of the gowns and tearjerking reminders of when American was "great." No, this is not the time to bring up the lack of racial diversity in the office. Mention so and so's dress and whoever won best picture.

March Vacation, Mid-March
Those wealthy private schools your co-workers send their kids to have something called "March Vacation." They will use their kids being out of school as an excuse to take a vacation. Your workload will double. Be prepared to step up and cover. Ask them how the trip was when they get back.

NCAA Championships, April 4
You'll hear a lot about the Final Four. Just catch the championship and know where the schools are located. Bonus points if you join the office pool.