Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Corporate Goodbyes: Coping with Departures in the Workplace

I started this post over a year ago, but I wasn't ready to finish it. The sting of my friend and mentor departing from the company was still too fresh.

It usually starts with a closed door and a whisper. "I'm leaving." "I've only told a few people." Of course, at this point, everyone in the office knows. These things never stay quiet for long.

How to Respond:

1.  Be optimistic. People leave for a lot of reasons. Congratulations may not always be in order. Stick with well wishes and good luck.

2. Ask appropriate questions. While I'd never ask someone why they are leaving or if they have been let go, I typically take the opportunity to ask questions about their experience at the company and any advice they may have. Each person and each relationship is different, so it is best to gauge the situation to determine if these types of questions are appropriate at the time.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Weight Is Over pt. 1: Gaining and Losing Work Weight

I didn't get the freshmen 15 when I went to college, but I definitely got the first year 15 when I started my full-time job in Corporate America. That first year 15 became a second year 20.

The sedentary lifestyle common in most corporate offices has compromised my health from fatigue, to more frequent colds to weight gain.

Being in a client facing industry, especially as a woman, image matters. I know we wish that it didn't or believe that it shouldn't, but it does. I've written before about my trouble finding appropriate work wear that fits my size. My weight gain has only made it harder. More booty, more boobs, more belly, more problems. No, your waist does not have to be a certain size to get ahead, but weight fluctuations can cause a lot of problems if, like myself, you find it hard to keep your wardrobe updated. Whether the clothes are too tight or too baggy, the result can take away from your overall presentation of professionalism.

The weight is over for me. It's time for me to reclaim my health and my body.