Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Weight is Over (Update)

This is an update to: The Weight Is Over pt. 1

Things are going well, but going slowly. Changing my diet has changed my work experience. I'm more energetic, more optimistic and able to work longer without becoming fatigued. I still have a bad snacking habit, but I've replace the snacks in my office with lower calorie, higher fiber options. I'll also make myself go out and buy a fresh piece of fruit, which increases activity and discourages snacking.

I still occasionally have my midday crashes, but a short walk and some cold water have been great substitutes for cookies.

One unintended consequence of my increased physical activity is restlessness when at my desk. Moving more through walking and working out has made me want to move even more. I have to take more frequent breaks to walk around or stretch. While this can be distracting, I think once I start working out more in a structured and consistent way, I'll be able to channel that energy constructively. 

More updates to come!