Friday, June 19, 2015

Messy Moment at Work

I spilled my lunch on my lap and all kinds of drama ensued. I couldn’t go through the rest of the day with sauce-crotch. What if I got called into a meeting? I peeked out of my office to make sure that no one was in the hallway and I scuttled to the individual bathroom. After checking the door three times to make sure it was locked, I took off my pants and rinsed them out in the sink. I was panicking. This made perfect sense…. until I put my pants back on and had a huge wet spot in my crotch (front to back). Now what?        20 paper towels later, I realized I had to make it back to my office without being seen. Leaving the bathroom with wet pants is never a good look. It’s a Friday, no one will see me…My office is right there…Empty hallway and I was relieved. My blazer was strategically positioned in front of my crotch. Just when I thought I was safe, my co-worker came around the corner behind me and I look back to see if she saw the wet spot on my bum. Face red. We don’t make eye contact. Once I hit my office, I closed my door and turn on my space heater. Risking burns and a potential pants fire, I dried my pants with the space heater while wearing them. I couldn’t leave work until my pants were dry. So much for skipping out early on a Friday.

 Moral of the Story: Keep extra clothes at the office.

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  1. In my office, I always have a personal utility drawer. For situations like yours, having a Tide Pen To Go can be helpful for unexpected small stains. Your post have me thinking that I may need to a spare outfit to my utility drawer just in case. Thanks for the post.