Saturday, October 10, 2015

Corporatisms and How to Respond

"Circling back"
 I asked you for this a week ago. Where is it?
Your move: Respond immediately with a realistic deadline and stick to it.

"Let's table this."
This conversation has gone on way to long.
Your move: Set a date and time to have the follow up conversation. Send a calendar invite for a follow up meeting/call as soon as you wrap up. 

"Out of pocket"
 I will see your e-mails and ignore them for the weekend. Don't bother.
Your move: Make sure you get important information in front of the person before the person is out of reach.
Bonus move: Use this phrase!

 This information is very important and probably means you'll be working half the night.
Your move: Read the information carefully and be proactive in your response. Offer to start whatever project is hidden in the message. Someone will e-mail an hour later and ask you to do it anyway.

I just asked you to do something, but it wasn't a request. It was an order. Do it now.
Your move: Graciously agree to help, but set boundaries in your response. Let the person know about other assignments that may limit your ability to help.


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