Sunday, May 10, 2015

InterviewingU: Interview with Sherri of Corporate Curls

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sherri of Corporate Curls to talk about her work to make Corporate America a safe place for natural hair.

Fast Fasts about Sherri

             Name: Sherri of Corporate Curls

Age: Still a Spring Chicken

From: North Carolina

Job: Corporate America – Manger of people. 

Lex: What are some of your hobbies?
Sherri: I love creating beauty with my hands including, but not limited to, drawing, styling hair, painting, and sewing.

Lex: Why did you start doing YouTube tutorials for natural hair?
Sherri: I began Corporate Curls on YouTube to have a hub of information and style tips for Naturalistas in Corporate or Professional positions.  I also wanted to deflate the myth that natural hair isn't professional.  

Lex: That’s a very common assumption, but your pictures and tutorials definitely say otherwise. Could you share some of your favorite styles for the office?

A few of Sherri’s Favorite Styles:

Lex: These styles look amazing, but what about the time they must take? Do you have any tutorials for Corporate Curls in a rush?

Sherri’s Quick Tutorial Picks:

Stacked Bun Natural Hair Style

Natural Hair Rainy Day Updo

We’d like to thank Sherri for sharing with us. You can see more of Sherri’s tutorials on her Youtube channel at and see more of her fabulous styles on her Instagram page @my_corporate_curls.

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