Thursday, April 9, 2015


The other day I was on a project that wasn't going well despite my best efforts and I was stressed. I was 10 hours into the workday and my entire body was living the stress. I had a headache, I was nauseated and I couldn't focus. *I might have cried a little bit.*

At some point, I laid my jacket on the floor, crawled under my desk, and called my mom. I was going to be there for a while, the work wasn't going anywhere and I was non-functional. We talked for only a few minutes, but it was long enough to remind me that there was a world outside of my office that doesn't change because I couldn't close a deal or finish a report.

When the project ended successfully, it was all high-fives, but I'm wondering what's going to happen the next time I get to that point. I know all the tips for dealing with stress, but when I'm in it, really in it, most of that goes out the window...The work gets done and that used to be enough for me. These days, I'm more concerned about my mental and physical health.

Do you have a handle on work stress?

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