Thursday, February 12, 2015

Office Survival Kit

The day I was assigned my office, I spent my lunch break shopping.

When making an office your home base whether for an internship or for the long haul, here are a few essential purchases to make things easier:

In general:
1.     Headache medicine of your choice
2.     Box of Tissues
3.     Hand Sanitizer
4.     A good lint brush
5.     Hand lotion –I have one from a hotel presently on my desk
6.     Air freshener- most offices do not have good circulation and you may be eating that Indian food at  your desk
7.     Office umbrella (small, cheap, functional)
8.     Mouth wash- I’ve never had to use it but I know it’s there
9.     Your favorite coffee mug
10.  Eyeglasses that live at your desk

Woman specific:
1.     Pantyhose in your version of nude – If you never wear them, this is not an issue. If you get a run on the way to work, these will make your day better.
2.     Hygiene products – You do not want to have to ask a co-worker
3.     Flats – If I’m in the office after 9pm, the heels come off. 
4.  Hair pins

Foodie specific:
1.     Dry snacks with a long shelf life: almonds, dried fruit, granola bars….
2.     Assorted plastic utensils – How many times have you gotten a delivery order only to be left forkless?
3.     Hot sauce, Old bay, Pep-pah or any fixin’ that you like on your food

For the most part, these items should be small, easy to store, and out of sight. I leave the tissues and sanitizer on my desk, but everything else is tucked away.

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