Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tips for Applying to Jobs Electronically

Now more than ever, job applications are submitted electronically either via e-mail or directly on the company’s website. While this method may seem easier or less formal, it comes with a new set of considerations. Here are a few tips for applying to jobs electronically.

1.     Follow the instructions. Read all of the requirements and criteria and delivery what the company is asking for.

2.     Label any files you are uploading in a clear and detailed manner.
First Name_Last Name_Type of Document (Year or Date)
Example:  Jane_Doe_Resume (2015)

3.     For e-mail submissions, your e-mail is not a cover letter, but it is a first impression. Write a short statement of (1) your name, (2) the purpose of the email, (3) a list of attachments, and (4) include your contact information beneath the signature. Make sure your subject line is direct and don’t forget the attachments. Note, some companies will tell you what the subject line should say.

4.     Keep your font style, font size, color and s p a c i n g standard for both the e-mail and the documents. Black font in Times New Roman size 12 or 11 is commonly used.

5.     Ask for help. If you run into technical difficulties, it’s alright to call or e-mail and ask for help or an alternative form of submission, but don’t try to turn a tech phone call into an interview. State your purpose and your problem and offer solutions e.g. “Is there an e-mail address I could use instead?” “Could I mail my application? And to whom should I address the attention?”

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